Recovery Resources for nurses with substance abuse disorder

Will any employer ever trust me again?

Can I trust myself again?

How can I support my family until I'm allowed to practice nursing again?

Getting Back to Work

Here's a resource that helped me

 When I temporarily lost my nursing license, I was fearful no employer would trust me to practice at their facility. I needed help rebuilding my self confidence to become a valuable employee again. Finally, I feel like I can be a trusted employers and I can trust myself. 

TIP: Finding a recovery FRIENDLY employer

If you can't return to your previous employer after license reinstatement, you'll likely need to interview at a new facility. Let me tell you, it's nerve racking to try to find the right words to explain participation in a professional monitoring program to a potential employer. My best advice is practice openness before the interview. I've even gone as far as asking if the employer is 'recovery friendly' over the phone when they called to set up my interview. It weeds out a wasted interview and more importantly, it's key for my sobriety to be in a supportive work environment 

Coping with a high stress job

making ends meet through SUSPENSION


Put away your pride, honey

 If at all possible, put work on the back burner and focus 100% on your recovery. If you're a single mom like I was you're going to need to put your pride away and take whatever you can get for a job. When my license to practice was placed in disciplinary status, I didn't know how I was going to support myself and my kids. I was a single mom with a big problem that just got worse. My pride took a big hit but I took a job delivering pizzas at a local restaurant. I had no idea how i was going to explain to an interviewer why a person who had prior employment as a nurse would sudden be applying at a pizza joint. I decided my best bet would be to be upfront with the owner about being newly in recovery and unbeknownst to me, the man had a heart in helping riffraffs like me. I worked there and earned just enough to get by during the two years it took to earn reinstatement to practice nursing. During that time, me, the nurse, delivered pizza to healthcare facilities where I used to work. The humility was important for my ultimate recovery.