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A NURSE'S risk of developing substance abuse disorder

 I'm a nurse and a recovering addict, who made the decision to put down drugs and alcohol on April 5th 2015 and began working on my sustained recovery. I've learned that there's no one 'right' way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, the only thing success requires is open-mindedness and a desire to find what works for me. I returned to college while in sobriety and it broke my heart to watch other future nurses with the same warning signs of substance abuse that I ignored in myself when I was a young nursing student. I share my experience of both past and present in hopes of reaching other nurses who have been diagnosed with or may be at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder and might be wondering where to begin on the road to recovery. Any ads through this site goes toward website maintenance and to promote the cause of raising awareness of nurses with substance abuse disorder 

There's no shame in being diagnosed with substance abuse disorder, just don't stay there. Recovery is possible.

you're in trouble with the board of nursing. what now?