Engaged in illicit drug use even while off duty (includes marijuana use)

Consumed alcohol with the goal of ridding yourself of work or school stress

Driven a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol

Self administered more medication than what your physician had ordered

Removed medications from work with the intent of self administering them

Called off duty multiple times due to a 'hangover'

If you think you're a nurse with substance abuse disorder


Before you get that DUI or a criminal drug charge.

Don't wait until you're 'caught', there is help available for you! You can see a drug and alcohol counselor privately. Be comforted in knowing that your state's board of nursing has non-punitive programs which can be entered into voluntarily and without discipline on your license.. It doesn't have to come to the point of losing your nursing license or worse, losing your life! Ask your employer about help for you.

If bottom has already dropped

Being innocent of abusing a substance and being in denial about abusing a substance are two different things, make you you know which case is yours. If you believe your referral to your state's monitoring program is wrong because you're innocent, then fight it.   But if you know in your heart that you've done wrong then DO NOT FIGHT THE BOARD OF NURSING. It will not end well for your career. The longer we put off getting help the more likely we will be to have the bottom drop out from under our career completely. As is what happened in my case, it was absolutely necessary to lose it all and have professional discipline set upon my nursing license. In truth it saved my life. 

Our pride and the stigma of addiction

The pride of the profession can be a hurdle to admitting that we need help. You're not alone. Statistics show that 10% (yes, you read that right!) of nurses succumb to substance abuse behaviors at some point in our lives. There's no shame in being diagnosed with substance abuse disorder if you seek treatment and recovery.

We can and we do recover

Yes, we do. I did it and you can too!

How i recovered